ON-LASER SYSTEMS & APPLICATIONS, S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund which aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs. This Fund’s purpose is to strengthen socio-economic cohesion within the European Union by correcting imbalances amongst regions. To this end, the budget headings are geared towards highly specific thematic areas: innovation and research, the digital programme, support for small and medium-sized enterprises and the low-carbon economy.

As regards ON-LASER SYSTEMS & APPLICATIONS, S.L., the ERDF concession has enabled the company to develop an international digital marketing plan with the aim of improving its online positioning in foreign markets throughout 2017. This digital marketing plan has also had the support of the XPANDE Program of the Chamber of Commerce, which has advised and helped to implement the different actions, such as e-mail marketing campaigns, SEO, SEM, social media campaigns and landing pages generation.

All of this has helped ON-LASER SYSTEMS & APPLICATIONS, S.L. to position the company and its services in a global and highly competitive market, allowing for it to reach its target audience through digital channels.