Dry Creek Vineyard

Founded in Sonoma (California) in 1972, Dry Creek Vineyard is the flagship winery of the Dry Creek Valley. Certified as being 100% sustainable, it was the first winemaking company to plant Sauvignon Blanc in the valley and in 2015 it was named one of the 100 best wineries by the prestigious Wine & Spirits Magazine.

This North American winery has used the cork format to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable agriculture and the environment. The cork design included details providing information about the traceability of the cork, such as the location and the age of the tree, in addition to the date that the cork was extracted. This action emphasised the fact that cork stoppers are more sustainable than their plastic and metal equivalents, and it promoted awareness of the importance of protecting the ecosystem of the forest producing the cork.

The end goal of this family-owned company is to leave the vineyards to the third generation in even better conditions than they are found in at present. Dry Creek Vineyard

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