Why choose customization?

A cork can say a lot about a wine and a brand. In addition to keeping the product in optimum conditions, Décork laser technology makes it possible to transform corks into a platform for communication: a marketing element which sets a product apart from the competition and lends a sense of personality which reinforces a brand identity.

Corks convey tradition, history, quality and essence. They provide the perfect format for linking the personality of a wine to the personality of a wine cellar and to the hard work that is involved with every harvest.

Without constituting an investment on the part of the wine cellar, this is also a business opportunity for the cork industry, and can be used to complement and add value to the portfolio of products available.

Cork stoppers present an endless array of opportunities to capture new clients or boost the loyalty of existing clients. The simplicity of Décork technology enables the numbering of a limited edition for the launch of promotions or prize draws and can be used to draw attention to the characteristics that set a wine apart. Each bottle can be made different in a visually appealing manner using an image, a code, a phrase or a number. The process is made simple by the laser and its software, and the result can be as wide-ranging and flexible as your sense of creativity allows it to be.

Success stories
Benefits of customization
Improve brand awareness
Identify special products
Get visits to your website

Enhancing interaction and participation

Full customization
Full 360º marking

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